Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Wonders of Merchandise!

I am currently suffering from a severe case of merchandise envy! It has come to my attention that on the wonderful wiggly lines of the Interweb, Whovians everywhere are making and selling specially themed Doctor Who products. I consider my Doctor Who collection to be fairly extensive, but on seeing some of these products (see pictures above and below for my favourites) I was seized with some SERIOUS product-lust.

You see, at the moment I am surrounded by a group of people who fear technology - particularly the wondrous world of Internet Purchasing. My current finances are not in good shape: I have no accessible bank account, PayPal account or other financial equipment with which to buy online. I would rely on other dear friends and family to supplement my Internet needs in exchange for cash, however they all seem strangely reluctant.

For the reason of this, I refer you back to earlier blogs, on the subject of my family and how it seems to want to curb my science fiction enthusiasm. Their campaign, naturally has failed, however they seem rather stubborn in their refusal to buy me sci-fi related gifts for birthdays or Christmas. Case in point, at Xmas I asked a member of my family for a monthly subscription to Doctor Who Magazine. The suggestion was edged around to the point where I was asked outright to choose a different gift - this was on the grounds of "practicality". I find it unfair , that I should have to put up with being stereptyped within my own family - young sci-fi geeks put up with enough crap from their peers without it being added to by their own families. My mother looks at me with a bemused expression; my father likes to wind me up by making imflammatory Doctor Who or Primeval related remarks. Why? What do they gain from this, except making me feel foolish?

What they don't understand is that the days when sci-fi fandom was a shameful secret are over! It is generally acknowledged that British sci-fi is a force to be reckoned with in the worldwide entertainment field. It's no longer the sole property of spotty, balding men who still live with their Mums! So, let us cast aside these dark thoughts and enjoy some of the quality goods on offer (and if anyone knows a stockist with an actual physical shop, who I can pay real money, please let me know, ASAP!)

Keep the Blue Flag Flying!
Sassy xx

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