Monday, 17 May 2010

Whirly Stuff

Finally I get what the Tenth Doctor is on about when he yells "Oh, my head, my head!" At the moment my head is full of the eponymous whirly stuff; I have far too much to think about and not enough space to do it in.

First is image. At the moment I am in desperate need of a summer wardrobe, but have no time or money to go shopping. I find that I literally have a file on my internet favourites which is simply called Clothes I Want, and is full of links to everything I desire, and cannot afford. I am also in need of a haircut - not desperately, but moderately. I am beginning to find hairs in irritating places like the washing up or clogging the vaccuum, which is never a good sign. Plus, as mentioned I have no money...

Which leads me to another train of thought. I have no money because it's all being saved for Frenzy! As previously mentioned, I am extremely excited about my visit to this Christian rock festival, in the town of Edinburgh on June 12th, in part because it'll be a chance to bag some cool Switchfoot merchandise. And I'm thrilled about that. Having said that, it is kinda getting on my nerves that my cash is all tied up in the "Frenzy Fund" as I call it.

Thirdly, there's revision. At this point I'm taking exams, so a fairly large part of my day is spent trying to cram knowledge into a reluctant brain, which would rather be thinking about clothes, hairdos, science fiction and good looking men...

Talking of science fiction (and perhaps also good looking men, depending on your taste) my brain is also full of Doctor Who, and other sci-fi. Random thoughts include:

How can I ever send in feedback to the various Doctor Who podcasts I listen to, when they update faster than I can catch up? And why do they all insist on audio format?!

Man, I really want that book, Chicks Dig Timelords (No Sassy, no! You have no money!)

Why is there Doctor Who and Torchwood magazines, but no Primeval magazine? It would really fill the gap between now and 2011... Also, why has nobody thought of a Primeval graphic novel... I draw Primeval art (badly), what's stopping more talented cartoonists?
- A thought for anyone who draws Primeval art!

I has brainy specs (£1 from Primark, with clear glass. See above): "You don't even need them , you just think they make you look a bit clever!"
Does the fact that I can very, very rarely find fault with any Doctor Who episode make me a better or worse fan?

What little part of my brain that's left is occupied with the other miscellaneous shenanigans of life - If I had a Tennant-style mop of hair, I'd be ruffling it right now, with gusto... I realise anyone who reads this is probably crying out for me to get to the point and do some reviewing of the last few episodes, but I find my head is too Wibbley-Wobbley, Timey-Wimey to do it... And , as I've said, I find it hard to review after watching an episode just once, or even twice... MY advice? Download the Doctor Who Podcast, or the DWO Whocast, for extensive reviewing, and come to me for the more frivolous side of fandom...
Keep the Blue Light Flashing!
Sassy xx
PS - The Pandorica will open, and Silence will fall... and when it does, try not to leave the handbrake on!

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