Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Dawn of the Elderly!

Just a quick thought about the killer OAPs in Amy's Choice. In that scene where they slowly but deliberately approach from the field, was anyone else reminded of a zombie apocalypse style scene? The slow movements, the wide eyes and the gaping mouths are very stereoptypical of Hollywood zombie flicks.

Talking of zombies, I reached a really interesting conclusion tonight. For the past few years, I have had zombie nightmares, in which I was recurringly chased to and from various locations by a Horde of the Undead - and I'm not talking friendly zombies, like in Daniel Waters Generation Dead books - after reading some stuff on the internet, and having a good old think, I realised that these dreams are a reflection of security issues on my part. For example, that nothing and no one is safe, the fact that the zombies seem to be able to breach defenses like locked doors and barricaded windows, the idea that there is no permanent resting place, because zombies are never far away... Interesting stuff, huh? And I bet, after all that I'll have a nightmare tonight!

More thoughts on Amy's choice: I'm not sure, but I don't think I saw a crack this week... Did anyone else? Maybe because in the Dream Worlds/ The TARDIS there's no danger to the fabric of reality. Another thing - I heard someone bring up the fact that Series Five seems very Mouth centric (i.e. the immense teeth on Prisoner Zero; the Doctor and Amy being propelled onto the Starwhale's tongue; the frightening leers of the Smilers; the vampire girls sucking blood...) and now eyes popping out of mouths.

Eyes, too seem to have a focus - the gigantic Atraxi EYEball; the Doctor's POV scene where he observes everything (including close-up on his EYE); the dangers lurking at the corner of your EYE; the fact that looking a Weeping Angel in the EYE, means they take you over via your EYE; the perception filter of the Saturnyne Vampires meaning you can't believe your EYES; and, finally, once again EYES popping out of mouths.

Could these things be significant? Well, I doubt it, to be honest. I reckon it's just a coincedence, but it's certainly an interesting one. It would be good if the cracks were just a red herring, and the real story arc was infinitely more subtle, instead of something glaringly obvious cracking us on the head every episode.

Anyway, them's my thoughts!
Keep the Blue Light Flashing
Sassy xx

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