Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I'll Keep This Brief

Dear readers of SassySciFi. I shall take this chance to apologise for the fact that I haven't blogged in quite some time. The reasons for this are the following:

  • Exams ended, term ended, I crashed out.
  • Frenzy was epic, but exhausting, causing me to crash out.
  • Doctor Who (every episode which has passed since my last post) has been epic - so epic, I can't quite get my head around reviewing it, right now!
  • A crack ate me.
  • I then turned into an auton, which, while meaning I could absorb the Internet, also severely damaged the creativity required to ramble randomly about my weird life.
  • Then everything went kind of mental, and the world was saved by a man in a fez. Then 2000-odd years later, I was suddenly no-longer an auton (I may be confusing my life with someone else's, here...)
  • I joined an obscure sect called The Cult of Moff, which worships a great man and genius.
  • I realised I was crazy, and decided to leave the sect (but never stop loving the Moff)
  • I remembered this blog, and decided to leave a post of lame excuses.
  • My dog ate it.

I know this makes exactly NO SENSE, but it is rather late, and I am rather tired. (Slightly) more logical ramblings soon. Keep the Blue Light Flashing,

Sassy xx

PS - The IT Crowd. How good is it?! I fear that is how my life will end up, some day...

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Things I Have Learned From Playing The Adventure Games

So the first installment of Doctor Who's The Adventure Games rocked onto our screens last week (much earlier than scheduled, which is most unlike the BBC... to give us pleasure rather than irritation from their shoddy scheduling!) so here's some lessons I've learned from the awesome game!

  • Daleks are MUCH scarier when you are the actual one running away from them.
  • I wouldn't be a very daring companion... When the game said I had to sneak through a Dalek patrol, I was like, "Oh noooo, can't I just hang out here, in this nice, safe little room?!"
  • Amy looks like a chicken having a heart attack if she gets exterminated.
  • I actually DO like video games! I was just playing the wrong ones...
  • I totally can't steer - at one stage I spent about a minute walking the Doctor into the same wall!
  • Most things are better free - love, chocolate, the Metro... But ESPECIALLY Doctor Who related things!
  • The graphics fall down when they automatically zoom into the Doctor's head or a random wall - or maybe it's my fault and I'm just being dense?
  • I will never stop loving Doctor Who!
  • (But I think we knew that already!)

Sassy xx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Podosphere

Those of you who are listeners of the Doctor Who Podcast (website link in the sidebar), featuring Trevor, Tom and James may have noticed a familiar face - or voice, in episode 21... Me, Sassy! Damn right, I sent in my audio feedback! To hear my own voice on the podcast was tremendously exciting. Unfortunately, it was done on my phone (my lack of sophisticated recording equipment is the reason I write a blog, rather than have a Youtube channel or do a podcast), and I had a relatively bad headcold, so I sounded proper nasal! As far as I know, I don't normally sound that way... So tune in everyone and hear my views on The Hungry Earth, it'll save me some time!

In other news, my exams are officially over! I've got a week to recover before returning to the grindstone of school. Now all I have to occupy my time is worrying about the results... And blogging about Sci-fi!

Talking of science (though not fiction) anyone know how to fix iTunes? Mine's gone mental and deleted half my tracks, for no apparent reason! I feel so aggreived, cause I work really hard to maintain my library, full of all my favourite music... Grr!

Oh well, lets wrap up there, since I've got no other news. Keep the Blue Light Flashing!
Sassy xx