Friday, 19 February 2010


I promised you Tardises and I'll give you Tardises!! (What's the plural of Tardis, Tardii?) All these were taken in my very own hometown... Which is proof you can find a little Doctor Who magic wherever you are:

Spotted! An ordinary high street, in an ordinary town, outside an ordinary shop, an extraordinary man has arrived. As captured by Sassy Scifi!

I love this shot! I like the way everyone is blurring past it, never suspecting the magic which might possibly be hidden inside...

And spotted! A completely different location - possibly mid-dematerialisation? And who is the shadowy running figure...?

Could it be...?

This is me outside it - I touched the door, squeeeeeeee!

It's a very bad (and blurry) picture of me, but I don't mind too much.

Daleks should not be allowed in back alleys and bookstores!!!

We barely escaped with our lives...

And Finally...

That's right. I blinked.
Luckily a nice man showed up with a Timey Wimey detector...
And yes, it does go DING! when there's stuff :)
Keep on looking for the Doctor...
If you have an open mind and a lively step, you might just find him!
Keep the Blue Light Flashing!
Sassy xx


Hey :).

Okay, so my last post I was in my hermit phase... You'll be pleased to know that it's all over now - in fact I've been much the little socialite lately!

Loads of my mates' birthdays fall around this time of year, so I've been to a couple of parties, movies and bowling - great fun.

However, a select number of people at a recent party had a problem - a problem with the lack of booze. Now, I'm not just a Geek because I'm into Science Fiction, oh no. I don't adhere to the current "rule" which says all young people need booze, fags and drugs to have a good time. In fact I think that's pretty sad, to be honest. The way I look at it, people drink for 4 reasons:

1. They like the taste. Well that's fair enough, but I've sampled many different types of alcohol and none of them did much for me (well aside from a slight gagging).

2. They're doing it to "fit in". Two words: HOW SAD. If these people want to be accepted for who they are, doing what everyone else does ain't the way to go about it. If you come out and say you're not interested, people will respect your opinion... And if they don't? Well they're not your mates are they?

3. They're using it as an excuse for bad behaviour. A sad one. A common one. How often do you hear something along the lines of:

"I'm sorry I slept with your boyfriend/ made out with your Dad/ killed your dog/ barfed on your new dress/ whatever, it was only because I was SO SMASHED!"

Do you expect all to be forgiven?! Being drunk or high may be a reason for behaving like an idiot, but it's NO EXCUSE!

4. They need it to have a good time. This is the one which makes me the saddest and the most pissed off. I'm living proof you don't need booze to have a laugh! At the non-booze party we had a great time - we got hyped up on sugar (which I reckon is a healthier inebriation!), we made non-alcoholic shots, in bright colours. There was dancing and laughter and a few people got off with each other... How does it differ from a boozed-up party? Not much, except that there's less vomit, blood and tears.

I guess some people would call me "Straightedge"? Well maybe I am. Maybe that's a good thing. I looked it up on UrbanDictionary, and it didn't sound so bad. I'm not gonna ram my beliefs down the throats of others, but sometimes I get tired of always having to justify myself:

I don't drink because I don't enjoy booze. I don't smoke because I don't want cancer. I don't do drugs because they are addictive and risky. Is it such a bad thing? Am I some sort of killjoy, ruining it for everyone else? If you believe that, then let me tell you this: The people who had least fun at the party were the ones who wouldn't stop moaning about the lack of alcohol. The ones who just relaxed, and had a great time? They were the ones who went on til 4 am playing strip poker (another story for another time!)

My message is this: Being straightedge doesn't make people boring or pathetic. It just means they have a slightly different outlook on life. And if you're curious, just go to a party sans booze - you may well find that the world is a prettier, shinier place when it's not clouded over by your brown beer goggles!

Keep the blue light flashing!

Sassy xoxo