Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Things I Have Learned From Playing The Adventure Games

So the first installment of Doctor Who's The Adventure Games rocked onto our screens last week (much earlier than scheduled, which is most unlike the BBC... to give us pleasure rather than irritation from their shoddy scheduling!) so here's some lessons I've learned from the awesome game!

  • Daleks are MUCH scarier when you are the actual one running away from them.
  • I wouldn't be a very daring companion... When the game said I had to sneak through a Dalek patrol, I was like, "Oh noooo, can't I just hang out here, in this nice, safe little room?!"
  • Amy looks like a chicken having a heart attack if she gets exterminated.
  • I actually DO like video games! I was just playing the wrong ones...
  • I totally can't steer - at one stage I spent about a minute walking the Doctor into the same wall!
  • Most things are better free - love, chocolate, the Metro... But ESPECIALLY Doctor Who related things!
  • The graphics fall down when they automatically zoom into the Doctor's head or a random wall - or maybe it's my fault and I'm just being dense?
  • I will never stop loving Doctor Who!
  • (But I think we knew that already!)

Sassy xx

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