Monday, 19 April 2010


All judgement I may have been withholding about Series Fnarg (Series Five! It just is, let's face it!) ended with Victory of the Daleks.

In the past, though I find them extremely entertaining, I've been a bit unimpressed by the Daleks. They just seem such a boyish part of Doctor Who - and yes I know that what I just said is sexist, as well as practically sacriligeous amongst Who fans - but whatever. They've never terrified me. Well, you'll be pleased (or maybe horrified) to know they still don't.

However, I have to say that thus far, Victory of the Daleks has been the highlight of the season for me. Daleks! In khaki! With union flags! Offering cups of tea! To Churchill! Does it get any better than this...?

Damn right it does! Doctor wielding hammer! Teleport! Daleks in pretty colours! Self destruct jammy dodger! Just when you think my sweet little fangirl heart can't get any gladder, there comes the piece de resistance:


Scientifically, it's a heap of cabbage, but my God it made me cheer to see Danny Boy attacking a stonking great Dalek ship in a spitfire. And the Dalek-destroying catchphrase which will endure eternally?


Perfect. Add to that a pepperoni pizza, a bar of Dairy Milk, and a Cola float, and that's about as close as SassyScifFi gets to heaven... And I had those things!

It'll be interesting to see how Time of Angels/ Flesh and Stone live up to Victory. Since I adore the Weeping Angels (a truly psychological creature, don't you think?) and am fascinated to find out the story of River Song, it's looking good... But it's got high standards to live up to!

Before I go, I realised something about the Series 5 naming argument. I was watching confidential, and saw the Clapper Board, which had Series 1 emblazoned on it... When it hit me! Never mind the Moff's chat about tired brands and radical rethinks - this is just the BBC saving money! You think those boards come cheap? Nah, they're saving the money by recycling clappers, and spending it on new and fancy FX! And fair play to them, if it makes the show better, so long as they know the fans will always call it Series 5.

Tallyhooooo! (Keep the Blue Light Flashing)

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