Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Votes Are In, and The Moff Is Definitely Easier!

Turns out I have been spelling Steven Moffat wrong... Oh the shame!

That name just gets me... Is it a "V"? Is it A "PH"? Who can tell? Grr... The Moff is definitely easier to remember, and it turns out he is officially called that by Doctor Who insiders! I thought I just made that up, but I guess I may have heard it and let it mulch into my subconscious somehow...

In other news, the Guardian published a poll - Who Is the Better Doctor: Matt Smith or David Tennant? David Tennant won, with 82% to Matt Smith's poor 18%. Let's be fair, people! David Tennant has appeared in three seasons of Doctor Who, as well as eight specials, and those Children in Need thingys. Matt Smith, on the other hand, has been in two episodes, and already folk are saying things about him! Give the poor dude a chance!

I think it's totally unfair how people make snap decisions on things like this (and yeah I am being a bit hypocritical here). Actors are people too, not just animals in a zoo for us to jeer at. If you were to go into a new job, and on your second day, came in to find people voting on your performance, you'd be pretty damn offended! Give Matt Smith a chance to prove his worth, rather than jumping instantly to DT's defence - yes, he was a brilliant Doctor, and nobody loves him more than I, but it's time to let go...

Reading that back, it was a total rant, so I'm gonna chat for a bit about happier subjects. (These are mostly to do with my life, rather than anything newsie or viewsie, so if that's what you came for, press the big X in the top right corner now!)

I spent a pretty blissful afternoon watching Doctor Who series 4 from my bed (when I should have been revising for my damn exams - oops!) and later, when the sun came out, I went into my garden to sunbathe and read the Writer's Tale - I find Russell T Davies fascinating, possibly because I can't decide whether he's a lovely man with a hard job, or a total diva! I also love the book because it's so massive it'll take me a good, long while to get through.

A friend of mine who doesn't follow SciFi was eyeing my Torchwood DVD today... or more specifically eyeing John Barrowman! The conversation went like this:

R: *Eyes JB* He's quite HOT!

Sassy: John Barrowman? Er...

R: Oh, don't tell me - he's married with two beautiful sons!

Sassy: R, you do realise John Barrowman is, like, 40 and VERY VERY GAY?

R: *looking scandalised* Why is it that all the gorgeous ones are married or gay?!

Sassy: Technically he's married, too. To a guy.

R: *Gasp, followed by long sigh* Oh, you were serious. Damn.

Aw, I love R, she is comedy gold! Man, imagine JB saw this? I can totally imagine him hooting with laughter!

Well that's all the news and busybodying from SassyScifi! Until next time Keep the Blue Light Flashing (BTW who did I steal that line from? I own NOTHING original!)

Sassy :) xx

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