Monday, 10 January 2011

The Day the Dream Died...

Chirpy people. You can't hate them. They're just too NICE, and they mess with your head so you feel guilty for your attacks of jealousy or irritation. Much like Jess. Or Georgia Moffett.

That's right. THE Georgia Moffett. Who's engaged to David Tennant. Hear that crash? That's the sound of ten thousand porcelain fangirl hearts crashing to the floor and breaking into a thousand tiny pieces.

Those who know my preferences might know that I've been a Tennant fangirl (though the nice, not scary kind) since I was a good few inches shorter than I am now. So I was geared up to drop my porcelain heart with all the rest when I heard the news last night. And yet...

I can't feel bad about this. Because of the chirp factor. Georgia is cute, no two ways about it, and you can't help but feel good for the pair. I can say that with good grace! Maybe my heart's made of blood 'n' muscle after all. (A small, wicked part of me would like to see how sweet, English-rosey Miss Moffett copes with the grand Scottish phenomena we call neds, though)!

Ah neds. Non Educated Delinquents. Neds are like chavs, except Scottish, and therefore much better at drinking, fighting and living forever, despite the many toxins they injest. It's not enough that they spent a good two years trying to mess with my head, scorn all the things I love about my life (scifi, books, good music, art, fashion, etc) but now they have a FILM ABOUT THEM! Gritty Glaswegian drama they thought... Well I suppose "NAGs" (Nicely Achieving Girls) wouldn't be such an interesting pitch. But someone I vaguely know is supposedly in the film, so that's nice.

This blog has been patchy of late to say the least... I don't have any excuse for that, except that I couldn't summon the energy to write anything that wasn't deadly dull or some kind of school essay. (School is crushing my soul). In good TV boom times, such as when Doctor Who or Primeval is airing, the blog increases big time in size... I realised just before the long gap I made some "coming soon" type promises, not all of which were fulfilled. Mostly, this is just because what seemed like a good idea then, no longer does, or to put it another way... CBA. But watch this space for some entertainment which isn't just me chatting about geekorama!

Sassy xx

(PS, further congratulations to DT and GM... and their wedding guests!

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