Sunday, 18 July 2010

Adventures In the Capital

My Mum was right. That big souvenir balloon was a mistake...
Geography fact: London is the capital of the fair United Kingdom. Sassy fact: I have been there. Many times, as I have family both big and small living in its environs. Plus it does house a lot of fun things to do. Plus it has lots of hotels (not all of them great, but more on that later). Plus the trains running there are really regular... Plus... well you get the picture!

Anyhoo, that's the background. The short version of that little trip to nowhere is that I went on a lovely outing to London for my holidays! This is my main excuse for my less-than-regular blogging. Oh it was marvellous, children! Art, culture, fancy food, too many souvenirs, sunburn in the roasting heat of southern England and sore feet from all that darn touristing... Ach, well what can ya do?

People - Londoners in particular - HOW HOT IS IT IN LONDON?! I dunno how they stand it,especially on the tube, which is brilliantly organised, but rubbishly air-conditioned. And outside is burny too. I made the stupid mistake of forgetting my suncream... At Kew Gardens. I felt like a Pyrovile by the end of the day - by that I mean, on fire. Youch. And talking of fire, my hotel decided to test its fire alarms. At midnight. That was not very nice of them, was it? Still, crowd situation, call me insane but I always expect one of the Doctors to leap up and take charge OR a member of the ARC team to shout "You all need to evacuate, there's an anomaly in here!" He he, I kept myself amused.

But no, those were my only moans, the trip was lovely - the only thing we didn't do was the London Eye... I just don't trust it after that nasty business with the Nestene consciousness!

Keep the Blue Light Flashing, folks!

Sassy xx

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