Friday, 22 January 2010

Hermits United!

Hey Everyone!

Y'know in the Doctor Who episode Utopia, there is a discussion about hermits?

The Doctor: And Utopia is?

Yana: Well every human knows of Utopia! Where have you been?

The Doctor: I’m a bit of a hermit.

Yana: A hermit? With friends?

The Doctor: Hermits United. We meet up every ten years and swap stories about caves. It’s good fun — for a hermit.

Well smack me into reboot and call me a tin dog - 'cause THAT'S ME! No seriously.

lately, I have been that hermit. Maybe it has something to do with the long Winter nights. Perhaps the fact that I don't believe in intoxicants (the fact that I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, prevents me from going to most parties) or perhaps it is because study leave has left me watching FAR too many of my DVD collection than is healthy...


I have become a hermit. I have friends. (Yeah, shocking isn't it?) I even talk to them! But lately when my phone rings I've had the urge to ignore it and turn up my music. Pretend I have no credit when I get texts. Appear offline on MSN!

What does this mean? Is Sassy Scifi slowly spiralling ever closer to the happy realm of the clinically insane...?

Well, no. To be honest, I've always been a bit this way! I think it stems from being brought up an only child - I liked to play alone, and I'm very happy in my own company. Probably too happy - when it gets to the stage that you feel irritated at your mates for inviting you out, maybe it's gone too far. Anyone know how to pull me out if the cave?

Should any dear friends of mine - ones who know my real identity - read this, I am sorry. I do love you all dearly. Even if I call you irritating and tut at your stupid laugh/ obsession with pink/ annoying "condom looky-likey" hat. I may not be being very nice now, but in a few weeks I promise I'll get bored of my cave and come out to play!

When that day comes I will happily usher you into the cave, beg you to sleepover and make everyone fry-ups for breakfast... But until I am in better humor, best stick to the safe subjects - Oh You like my cave? It's just been redecorated, you know! (Sorta thing)

Until then, keep the Blue Light Flashing!

Sassy (Fully Fledged Member of Hermits United)

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  1. That is sort of me as well. I am a hermit who meets up with other hermits every few years and tell tales of the lonely life haha.